Valentina Zummo was born in Marino (Rome) in 1980.

She lives and works in Rome, Italy. To illustrate her world, she has chosen acrylics as her adventure companions and wood and paper as the support/home for her characters. Not content with sanding or shaping wood, to bring her ideas to life, she customizes commissioned drawings and paintings, furnishings and clothing items such as t-shirts and denim jackets.

Valentina also creates characters in fabric and clay to expand her fantasy.

Her style has been described as personal, ironic and sincere. Her plump animals, self-portraits, sometimes evoke melancholy but are almost always a tribute to change and the desire to live. She catapults her characters into mysterious places, haunted houses, reads magic books, and sleeps underwater. She attended the Virginia Woolf Professional Institute of Advertising Graphics in Rome. Inspired and enveloped by old illustration books, the magic of Flora and Fauna, tattoos, her two cats and find treasures to recover at flea markets.

Her works have been exhibited in Italy and around the world in cities such as: Kortrijk, Detroit, Paris, Brooklyn, Eugene, Chicago, Bucharest, Los Angeles…

Some galleries with which she has collaborated are: Rotofugy Gallery, Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary art, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Cotton Candy Machine and Gallery1988.



Photo credit by Laura Penna

 Selected Group Exhibitions



- Crazy 4 Cult 17, The original movie art show, Gallery1988, Los Angeles, California  

- God, I love this street - group show tribute to 1989's The 'Burbs, Gallery1988, Glendale, California

- Idiot box - group show, Gallery1988, Glendale, California

- Golden Age of Hollywood - group show, Gallery1988, Glendale, California 

- 25 Years later - group show, Gallery1988, Glendale, California



- Required reading - group show with LA public library, Gallery1988, Los Angeles, California



- Matrioske, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy

- Amuleti, portafortuna, talismani e altri oggetti magici, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy



- 30Keith, a tribute of Keith Haring, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy

- Tea Time, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy

- Uccellini e altri fantastici oggetti volanti, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy



- "Artificae Plantae", Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy

- Lost in Kitten Town, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy 

- Le idee degli altri, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy  



- "Catharsis: The art of healing", Alexi Era Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

- "Flora & Fauna", Alexi Era Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

- Together 5 Birthday, Together: The Cross-inspirational place that feels like home, Rome, Italy

- Merry little Christmas, Afnakafna Gallery, Rome, Italy  



- Urban Neapolis, Art for a cure/Part0, Castel dell' Ovo, Naples, Italy

- Love Surrealism, Galleria Nardi, Rome, Italy

- The 5th annual coaster show, La luz de Jesus gallery, Los Angeles, California



- European Cuteness art, “Constantin Brancusi” gallery, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania

- European Cuteness Art, Sofia Arsenal Museum for contemporary art, Sofia, Bulgaria



- The Nightmare in wonderland project" part 0, Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

I LOVE CATS party, Not your dolls Shop, Rome,

- The other side of the surrealism, Female tattoo convention, Rome, Italy

- Grand Hotel Loverismo, Killer Kiccen, Milan, Italy

- Pop Re-generation, Atelier Pinky Moon, Pordenone, Italy

- 2nd Biennial show, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, New York



- Plurale, Femminile, Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery, Salerno, Italy

- Mail Art Exhibition, Slow Galerie, Paris, France

- OpenBox Foldable Art, Killer Kiccen, Milano, Italy

- 13x18, La casa di Schiele, Benevento, Italy

- Woman Christmas Surrealism, Ju Tattoo Studio, L'Aquila, Italy



- LOVERISMO! [make love with us], Elsa Morante cultural center, Rome, Italy  

- PLURALE, FEMMINILE, “The Other Side of The Ink” Tattoo convention, Ergife, Rome, Italy    

- Enfants Terribles, Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery , Salerno, Italy

- Loverismo "Make Love in Milan", Spazio Bugatti 15, Milan, Italy

- Tat Surrealism, GarageZero, Rome, Italy



- Lilli and the noise collective, Hula Hoop Club, Rome, Italy

- Progetto C.O.R.E, Officine Quattro tempi, Rome, Italy

- Poisoned Apples, Funhouse Gallery, Detroit, Michigan

- Mondi lontanissimi 32° Fanta festival, Elsa Morante cultural center, Rome, Italy

- Alterazioni 2012 Festival of visual art and music, Aldobrandesco Castle, Arcidosso, Italy  

- 2nd international exhibition Loverista, Elsa Morante cultural center, Rome, Italy

- Enfants Terribles, Preview at the 5th Tattoo Convention, Florence, Italy



- Surrealism des femmes, Hula Hoop Club, Rome, Italy

- Lilli and the noise collective, Hula Hoop Club, Rome, Italy

- Art Monaco 2011, Exhibition pavilion with Grab Magazine, Principality of Monaco

- One Sunday art, Circolo degli artisti, Rome, Italy

- Mondo Bizzarro show, Studioventuno tattoo & art gallery, Salerno, Italy

- Surrealism des femmes le retour, Hula Hoop Club, Rome, Italy

- Italian Pop Surrealism, Mondo Bizzarro, Rome, Italy

- Pupazzi imbizzarriti, Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery, Salerno, Italy



- Lilli and the noise collective, Alice’s bar, Rome, Italy

- The wooden show, Mondo pop Gallery, Rome, Italy

- Terra madre day, Circolo degli artisti, Rome, Italy



- Una mostra per l’Abruzzo, Mondo Pop, Rome, Italy

- Lilli and the noise collective, Rebacco wine, Rome, Italy



- Arte del territorio/territori dell’arte, Circolo degli artisti, Rome, Italy



- Carousel, Temporary Love Shop, Rome, Italy



Selected Solo (and Duo) Exhibitions



- The Secret Garden, Floralia la bottega dei fiori, Rome, Italy


- "Zummo Gallery", Bottiglieria Pigneto, Rome, Italy



- "Zummo Circus", Afnakafna, Rome, Italy



- Pepe Jeans Experience party - Custom studio Ambassador and pop up show - Rome, Italy



- Il club della balena, Book launch and original artwork show, Parione9 Gallery, Rome, Italy

- Il club della balena, Book launch and original artwork show, Latte Creative, Rome, Italy



- Pop Up show and live painting on denim jacket with the brand Pepe Jeans London, Rome, Italy

- Almost everything (quasi tutto), Duo expo with Little Points, Not your Dolls shop, Rome, Italy

- Almost everything (quasi tutto), Duo expo with Little Points, Jalapeno, Genova, Italy



- Duo expo with Valerio Pierbattista, Barnum Cafè, Rome, Italy

- Duo expo with Claudia Ottaviani, Cindy Frey Art Gallery, Kortrijk, Belgium

- Duo expo with Ilaria Trionfetti, Not your dolls shop, Rome, Italy

- Valentina Zummo Solo show, Ju Tattoo studio, L'Aquila, Italy



- Bendiga este lugar, Duo expo with Little Points, Rock Cycle shop, Rome, Italy

- Wanna be Zummo solo show,  Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery, Salerno, Italy



- The secrets of girls solo show, Lì.bho, Rome, Italy




Books and Exhibition Catalogues



- “ Il club della balena ”, illustrated book story by Stella Tasca, Self-released book



- Pop Re-generation, Catalogue of the exhibition, edited by the curator Mauro Tropeano 



- Loverismo, make love with us, Catalogue of the exhibition, Self-released book

- Plurale, Femminile, Catalogue of the exhibition, edited by Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery

- Tat Surrealism, Catalogue of the exhibition, edited by Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery    



- Italian pop surrealism “ Birth of a Nation”, book, edited by Mondo Bizzarro press